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Brands go simple: A new trend takes over the branding industry


Brands go simple: A new trend takes over the branding industry

Have you noticed that the most popular brands have the most simple and clean look? Minimalism is still trendy thus more and more brands began to follow the direction of simplicity. Why is it so contagious?

Most of giant brands aim to simplify their look. Super players like Google, Starbucks, American Airlines, Black & Decker and many more cleaned their designs from the unnecessary elements. The new direction may seem easy, but it is only a semblance. It is a difficult and tricky task to keep the communication of minimized designs powerful.

5 principals of effective logo/brand design lists “simple” at the first place, then comprises “memorable”, “timeless”, “versatile” and “appropriate”. Why is the simplicity such a strong concept for branding? Clean brands are “easy for the eye” and facile in implementation. Since the Internist users are viewers, not readers the straightforward brands are simply faster to catch, understand and remember.

In this fast growing world we are surrounded and overloaded with information. Simplicity in branding makes our lives easier, doesn’t it?


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