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Our Team

Hafedh Bucheery

Strategic Brand Consultant

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Hafedh has a passion for knowledge. His conquest for self-progress is ceaseless and inspirational. As a Creative, Hafedh was once a lawyer. For his every shape and shade, there is a purposeful, meticulous, and deeply considered cause. To the workplace, he brings integrity, professionalism, and persistent optimism.

In 2003 Hafedh entered the work force, as a Legal Administrator. Almost 10 years later, as a Corporate Lawyer and Legal Advisor, he exited the Law Industry, and entered the region of creativity and design. Eventually he started as a freelancer designer building brand identities, and then he was heading Creative Departments, and leading design for major companies within a multitude of sectors, across the Arab region. Today, he is a Brand Strategy Consultant, and the Co-Founder of Deepmark.

Khalil Amin

Managing Director

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Khalil is all about Solution and Execution. He is a pragmatic dreamer, always pursuing the endlessness of possibilities. When you mix his imagination with his resourcefulness and compounding skill set, the end result is absolute and flawless. The thing with Khalil is that he’s always seeing way way ahead. And then he plans it right.

Khalil completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering year 2000, and then worked as an Engineer for a year and a half. He sharply wheeled away, and drove into the Marketing Industry, into both education and profession. Today he is an accredited Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). As per his positive curiosity, Khalil has entered a variety of industries; Advertising, Telecom, Entertainment, Aviation. In all of these, he came to learn; but he also managed to lead. Khalil is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Deepmark.

Nebrass Bahssas

Business Development Manager

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Nebrass is our Business Development Manager and Head of Client Servicing and Sales. With more than 11 years of experience in the Media industry he’s a true veteran in all matters of Digital Solutions & Communication and Event Management.He has won and managed new relationships and contracts with leading brands like, QF, QP, QTA, QREC, Trasheed and many more.

Nebrass enjoys creating unique innovative strategies to support and meet the demands of his clients and current market trends. A hands on Project Manager he is responsible for the full cycle campaign from planning, organizing, execution and continued support. Working with leading industry suppliers in China, Hong Kong and Europe, Nebrass ensures to deliver the very best of local and international talent to his team and clients. 

Esraa Abel

Event Management Consultant

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Esraa has experienced with a demonstrated history with more than 13 years of experience in events management, exhibitions, and Public Relations, Esraa have been gratefully presented with various opportunities to meet VIPs and delegates from all over the world, where she represented the Qatari community and showcasing Qatar and its beautiful culture. 

Esraa was appointed as a moderator for organized internationally renowned events, and exhibitions, in addition to being their consultant, and spokes person. With a strong entrepreneurship Esraa has a professional background in Marketing Management in Business.

Dr. Hanan El Basha

Business Development Consultant

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Dr. Hanan’s career and doctoral degree have empowered her with the tools and tacit knowledge required to guide kindling entrepreneurial spirits and to aid SME leaders in achieving their growth in both local and international markets.

With 20 years of professional experience in business development in (SMEs) industry. Dr. Hanan has worked in an array of industries ranging from communications agency, through to Qatari Diar as Marketing Manager – Qatar & Middle East, and lastly co-founding multiple businesses including a food & beverage franchising company, The East India Company – Qatar Franchisee and Just Real Estate before stepping down to complete her doctorate degree.